Health Care



When it comes to health care, medical buildings need to be readily equipped to prevent the spread of diseases, which can be fatal to vulnerable hospital patients.

Air quality control in a hospital is a demanding job in an extremely demanding environment. From operation theatres that require the highest standard of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to intensive care units where airborne pathogens could be life-threatening to patients, Yateem Commercial Company’s reliable products are easy to install, energy efficient and quiet.

We want to ensure that your medial institute has the highest standard of IAQ possible. Yateem Commercial Company guarantees quality controlled systems, ready to handle any demanding medical environment and critical care areas that require controlled environments.

Disease causing bacteria and organisms enter buildings from the air supply and air intake.  To prevent the distribution of fungus, mold, organic matter and other air contaminants from room to room, Yateem Commercial Company has a selection of optimal air quality solutions that will keep your patients, visitors and staff safe and healthy.

Studies have shown that an estimated 40% of the total energy consumed in a building comes from ventilation systems. In Yateem Commercial Company, we can also provide you with dependable energy-saving ventilation systems, filters and fans without compromising the IAQ of your medical institution.