Breath Easy. suitable for homes, schools, hospitals, carparks and more.

Yateem Commercial Company offers a range of sustainable and energy efficient fans suitable for homes, schools, hospitals, carparks and more. Our fans are manufactured to prevent harmful mold build up and extract harmful substances from the air, creating a healthier environment.

Suffer from allergies in your own home? Or tired of unwanted odors?Our fans effectively remove irritating particles, such as dust and spores, to help you create a more comfortable and cleaner living space!

Explosion Proof Fans
When it comes to ventilating hazardous areas with flammable or explosive materials in the atmosphere, Yateem Commercial Company provides Explosion-proof fans to create a safe, fireproof enclosure to prevent the risk of explosions.

Axial Fans
From large shopping malls, to car parks, Yateem Commercial Company’s products are well-equipped to meet any requirement. Our Axial Fans come in a range from medium to low pressure, provide smoke extraction and explosion-proof fans that guarantee safety.

Whatever your need, we have the answer with our customised selection of products. Our products include inline fans, twin fans, car park jet fans, staircase pressurisation fans, wall mounted fans and smoke extraction fans.