less waste, less impact.

Buildings today account for 60% of electricity consumption. To reduce the costs and impact on the environment, Yateem Commercial Company has the answer. Our innovative solutions are environmentally friendly and implement energy efficient measures to minimise expenditures.

Fans, Filters and Air Curtains
While most filtration systems rely on energy consuming products that run on hazardous substances, putting our health and environment at risk, Yateem Commercial Company goes a step further by providing practical alternatives to reduce your impact on the environment without compromising output.

  • Our energy efficient products are built to last longer than the average ventilation system. This reduces your initial operating expenses and disposal costs.
  • Yateem Commercial Company can offer a number of eco-friendly products, which are made from recyclable materials. Less waste, less impact.
  • Our energy efficient range of systems means less hassle with disposal. Most of the materials that we provide can be disposed of easily through the process of incineration.

*For more information on Energy Saving, check out EC Technology Solutions page.