EC Technology


reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

As the only providers of this technology in Bahrain, Yateem Commercial Company presents EC Solutions, an energy smart saving technology system that offers a spectrum of benefits for fans and air curtains.

We go beyond energy saving. Yateem Commercial Company provides a functioning, and highly efficient system that provides both comfort and quality without compromise.

EC Technology Fans 
Compared to most fans in the market, Yateem Commercial Company’s EC Motor Fans are 90% more efficient, meaning less energy usage and even lowers costs. This also means lower emissions, reducing your company’s impact on the environment!

Yateem Commercial Company’s fans use less energy, which means lower energy costs and a longer service life.

Ideal for any buildings and easy to install, the ventilation system rate can be adjusted to your needs and requirements while still maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home or business.

EC Technology Air Curtains
Yateem Commercial Company air curtains come equipped with EC motors and integrated control systems to protect cold and freezer rooms at low operating costs to save up to 85% in energy.

The stepless control allows for easy adjustment and airflow control and comes with wall brackets for quick installation. The front of the air curtain is easy to remove, allowing for convenient and easy maintenance.

Yateem Commercial Company puts the control options in your hands. Each component of the stepless air flow curtains can be set manually, or by using our door contact position limit switch that adjusts to the door when it is opened or closed. When the door is closed, the fan runs at lower speed, when opened, it will run on a higher speed, ensuring the best protection for your needs and reducing energy waste.