Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


It is estimated that we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Spending more time indoors means we are exposed to more airborne pathogens, pollutants and particles. a healthy indoor environment has become a central concern to our well-being, productivity and safety.

Public Commercial Buildings
Creating a well-ventilated Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) environment isn’t just about health. it’s also about productivity levels, concentration and responsiveness.

Creating a healthy indoor learning environment for students and teachers starts with fresh Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). IAQ is an essential element to a student’s success, alertness and overall academic performance.

A company’s IAQ can have a direct impact on the productivity, cognitive function and health of an employee. Yateem Commercial Company’s air filters improves the IAQ of an office, creating a more productive and enjoyable environment for your staff. Alternativelo, Our stand alone Air Purifiers are perfect for every corporate office, with an easy to plug-in installation process that won’t disappoint.