Car Park


While also saving you energy, we save you space.

Low Initial Costs
To maintain good air quality and prevent buildup of toxic fumes produced by vehicles, Yateem Commercial Company’s innovative Car Park Solutions guarantee lower operating costs with a low initial investment. It also complies with European and International standards, providing your car park with a ventilation system that clears smoke during a fire to keep your customers safe during any emergency.

Prevents Buildup of Fumes
The car park ventilation system extracts the fumes and pollutants while also providing the car park area with clean, fresh air. The innovative mechanics of air system works by keeping the air in constant motion. Compared to regular ducted systems, our solution combats the buildup of fumes and stagnant air, ensuring fresh and clean air in all areas of the car park.

More Visibility
Yateem Commercial Company’s innovative Car Park Solutions only take up 0.5% of the car park ceiling area, creating more visibility and provides you with a more appealing aesthetic modern design, compared to most bulky ventilation systems.